PGT vs CGI Impact Windows: Best Hurricane-Resistant Solutions Compared

Key Takeaways

  • PGT and CGI windows are top contenders in hurricane-resistant window solutions, each with unique features.

  • Understanding the importance of impact resistance and energy efficiency can guide your decision.

  • PGT windows offer extensive customization options, while CGI windows focus on strength and protection.

  • Installation and maintenance are crucial for long-term performance and safety.

  • Evaluating your specific needs and the windows' features will help you make the best choice for your home.

Sheltering from the Storm: PGT and CGI Windows

When it comes to protecting your home from hurricanes, the windows you choose can make all the difference. That's why many homeowners are turning to PGT and CGI impact windows for their durability and resistance to extreme weather. These windows aren't just about protection; they're about peace of mind. Let's explore what makes these two brands the go-to choices for those in hurricane-prone areas.

Spotlight on PGT: Customizable Defense

PGT has made a name for itself by offering customizable window solutions that don't skimp on protection. They understand that every home is unique, and homeowners should not have to compromise on style for the sake of safety.

Core Features of PGT Impact Windows

PGT impact windows are designed with heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames, providing robust protection against high winds and debris. The glass is laminated, meaning it has a strong, clear plastic layer between glass panes that holds the shattered pieces together if broken. This is what gives PGT windows their impact-resistant superpowers. They also meet the stringent codes of hurricane-prone areas, ensuring they can stand up to the toughest weather conditions.

Customization Options with PGT

One of the reasons PGT stands out is its attention to customization. They offer a variety of styles, from traditional single-hung windows to elegant French doors, all with the same level of impact resistance. You can choose from different frame colors, hardware finishes, and glass tints. This flexibility allows you to match the windows to your home's design, enhancing curb appeal while providing protection.

Head-to-Head: PGT vs CGI

Now, let's put PGT and CGI windows side by side to dissect their features and benefits. This comparison will help you understand which window might be the right fit for your home's defense against hurricanes.

Comparing Durability and Protection

PGT and CGI windows both meet the stringent codes required for hurricane impact resistance. However, CGI is often recognized for its singular focus on providing the highest level of protection. Their windows are constructed with thick, laminated glass and robust frames designed to withstand even the most severe storms.

PGT, while still offering impact resistance, allows for more customization. This means you can select windows that match your style preferences and still feel confident in their protective capabilities. It's about finding that balance between form and function without compromising on safety.

Example: In Hurricane Irma, a Florida homeowner had installed CGI windows; despite the high winds and debris, the windows remained intact with no breaches, effectively protecting the home from significant damage.

Remember, durability isn't just about withstanding one storm—it's about offering protection year after year. Both brands provide windows that are built to last, but the choice may come down to whether you prioritize ultimate protection (CGI) or a blend of resilience and style (PGT).

Design Flexibility: The Aesthetic Aspect

When it comes to design, PGT takes the lead. With an array of styles, frame colors, and finishes, they cater to those who don't want to sacrifice the look of their home for the sake of hurricane protection. You can choose windows that complement your home's architecture and interior design, making them a seamless addition.

CGI, on the other hand, is more conservative with design options but still offers a range of styles that can fit various home designs. Their focus remains on the strength and integrity of the window, ensuring that aesthetics don't overshadow safety.

Energy Conservation and Savings

Both PGT and CGI windows provide energy-efficient options that can help reduce your energy bills. With features like low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and insulated glass, these windows can help maintain a consistent temperature in your home, regardless of the weather outside.

Energy efficiency is a smart investment. Over time, the savings on your energy bills can add up, offsetting the initial cost of the windows. It's a win-win: you're enhancing your home's safety and making it more energy-efficient at the same time.

Pricing and Value: What's the Investment?

Investing in hurricane-resistant windows is exactly that—an investment. CGI windows tend to be at a higher price point due to their uncompromising focus on protection and durability. For those living in the most hurricane-prone areas, this investment could be invaluable.

PGT offers a more flexible pricing structure due to the range of customization options. You can choose features that fit your budget while still upgrading to impact-resistant windows. In essence, PGT provides a tailored approach to window pricing, allowing homeowners to balance costs with their specific needs.

Ultimately, the value of these windows goes beyond dollars and cents. It's about the safety of your home and family, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're well-protected.

The Verdict: Making Your Choice

Choosing between PGT and CGI impact windows comes down to evaluating your specific needs and preferences. Consider the level of hurricane risk in your area, your budget, and how much you value customization and design.

Evaluating Your Specific Needs

Ask yourself what's most important to you. If you live in an area that frequently experiences hurricanes, CGI's focus on strength and protection might be the deciding factor. If you're looking for a balance between aesthetics and safety, PGT's customization options could sway your decision.

Consider the long-term benefits, such as energy savings and reduced maintenance, when making your choice. Both brands offer high-quality windows that will enhance the safety and efficiency of your home, but the right choice will align with your priorities and give you the greatest sense of security.

Looking Ahead: Long-Term Considerations

When you're making a significant investment in hurricane-resistant windows, it's not just about the immediate aftermath of a storm. You're looking at the long-term impact on your home's value, the ongoing costs of energy, and the potential for future storm damage. It's crucial to choose windows that will stand the test of time and continue to offer protection and performance for years to come.


Do I Compromise on Protection with PGT's Design Options?

Not at all. PGT windows still meet the rigorous standards for impact resistance. Their customization options do not detract from their ability to protect your home from hurricanes. You can enjoy both personalized style and peace of mind knowing that PGT windows are designed to keep you safe.

Can I Self-Install These Impact Windows?

It's strongly recommended that you do not self-install these impact windows. The precision required for installation is crucial for the windows to function correctly during a hurricane. Improper installation can lead to window failure, which can have catastrophic consequences during a storm. Always opt for professional installation to ensure your windows are set up to protect your home effectively.

Maintenance is also a key factor in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your windows. Both PGT and CGI windows are designed to be low-maintenance, but regular inspections and upkeep are necessary. Here's what you should keep an eye on:

  • Check the window seals and weatherstripping regularly to ensure they are intact and provide a good seal.

  • Clean the windows as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent buildup that could affect their performance.

  • Inspect the frames and glass for any signs of damage or wear, especially after severe weather events.

What Warranties Do PGT and CGI Provide?

Both PGT and CGI offer warranties on their windows, but the specifics can vary based on the product line and features. Generally, warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period. It's important to review the warranty details for the windows you are considering to understand what is covered and for how long. This can provide additional peace of mind and protection for your investment.

How Do I Assess the Energy Efficiency of Both Brands?

To assess the energy efficiency of PGT and CGI windows, look for the ENERGY STAR label, which indicates the windows meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, check the Windows' U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings. The U-factor measures how well a window insulates, while the SHGC measures how much heat from the sun is blocked. Lower numbers in both ratings signify better energy efficiency.

Choosing between PGT and CGI impact windows is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of many factors. Both brands offer exceptional protection against hurricanes, but they cater to different preferences and priorities. By evaluating your specific needs, the level of hurricane risk in your area, and your budget, you can select the windows that will provide the best combination of safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal for your home.